Officer John Goode

Officer John Goode, 40 years old, Atlanta police officer and guardian of Rod’s body.

Officer John Goode is Rod’s knight in shining armor. His introduction into Roderick Clousseau’s life was unexpected but well worth the effort. He is compassionate and concerned for Colin Rivers, and the family’s desire to keep the young boy out of harm’s way. He is completely smitten with Colin’s father figure, Rod, and ready to put a ring on it, a key ring to his apartment that is.

John, a longtime friend of Evelyn Hargrove deals with childhood predators all the time. His work has often led him to Evelyn’s doorsteps at Araham Lincoln Middle School. He was ready for action when the guidance counselor asked him to help her uncover Colin’s secret and save the boy from impending danger. He is the best boy friend’s crush, determined to protect and serve Rod’s body and soul.

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