Danielle Rivers

Danielle Rivers, 36 years old, Douglas High School graduate, and voted the funniest female classmate.

Danielle knows how to be the boss in and out of the bedroom. She may look like a femme fatale, but she is definitely not a pillow princess. At a young age, she was fighting against the possibility of being placed in a foster home because of her drug addicted and abusive parents, Frank and Chris Rivers. She did whatever it took to be the guardian that she and her little sister, Michelle needed. She extended the same support to her best male friend, Roderick Clousseau, and now she’s doing the same for her nephew, Colin. But the question of the day is, who will protect her heart from the tempting hot teacher a.k.a. guidance counselor, Evelyn Hargrove?

Danielle a former stripper now manager of a gentleman’s club, hasn’t been responsible for a young child’s welfare in a long time. But her memory isn’t short and her love for her nephew is long. Together with Evelyn and Rod, and a few other helpful characters, Danielle will ensure that Colin is not only loved but protected against whatever’s troubling the young boy. She is the teacher’s pet, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to get extra credit!


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