Evelyn Hargrove

Evelyn Hargrove, 36 years old, Spelman College graduate and only child of Beatrice Anne Hargrove, former Atlanta socialite.

Although Evelyn’s childhood was tumultous because of the tragic relationships that her mother had with two different husbands, the guidance counselor has discovered a way to protect her heart from those that would try and penetrate her depths. Well, at least she was successful until she meets her student’s adopted mother, Danielle Rivers.

Evelyn is a connoisseur of fine wine and phyne women. She especially loves her Pyrat rum, her flexible schedule as a guidance counselor, and her frequent encounters with beautiful women. Her obsession is keeping up appearances. She learned very early in life how to present the “perfect” exterior even when the interior was damaged and falling apart. Her home is pristine, her clothes are fabulous, and her strut and demeanor are captivating to anyone that crosses her path. She is the hot teacher that everyone wants to know and wants to have, if only in their dreams.


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