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Dear Diary –

Oh you not gone believe what happened tonight. I am so full right now! It was pretty short, but worth the effort to get my girl, Evie Eve out on a school night. It’s summer, when we should be soaking up the heat and the ladies, but my sister is busy trying to save every kid she can in this world. I admit, I admire her, she’s the sister my mom didn’t give me, but in the end, I got her anyway. I consider us twins, but more like fraternal than identical. Me and Evie Eve have a different way of enjoying life, but at the end of the day, we have mad love for each other.

Antiwaze back to what happened. I found this great buffet of food and women tonight. Muff Diggers didn’t disappoint! My belly is still full of those gigantic cocktail shrimps and all that sushi that was laying it out on the stage. But the best thing, was getting that number from that hot little mama I met on my way to the buffet table. I just wished Eve had had more fun too. I’m not sure wassup with her right now, but I’ll find out, and keep you posted.

After I dropped her off at her condo, I called little mama from Muff Diggers and did a quick detour to her place before I headed home. We just sat in the car, chilling, and vibing, and listening to music. She likes house music just like I do. She’s got a mortage and I work for a mortgage company, this shit is destiny! I think I finally found my soul mate, and maybe a better relationship than I had with you know who. We not gone if speak her name right now for fear of getting struck by lightning or sumtin!

Well, I betta call it a night. I got a meeting with my crazy ass boss tomorrow about time management! Man, he be tripping with, “Tori, the clock says 10:20, but your paycheck is for you start at 10 am.”

He doesn’t understand that it takes time to look as good and ready as I am when I get up everyday. And so what if I’m a little past that 10 o’clock time? I always give him a little extra time at the end of the day. But let me get some beauty sleep, so I can be prepared for Ray and his bullshit!

Night, Diary


Image used with approval from Pexels.com.

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