Protect and Serve

Dear Diary –

I give thanks to the almighty each day for another chance to make a difference in this world. I enjoy sharing this time with you too, after meditation and yoga. My buddies at the precinct, wonder how I keep a positive attitude and motivation, and I understand their curiosity. In our line of work, we see such tragedy and pain, it’s hard not to become jaded and angry yourself. But I keep a spiritual guidance in my life, and a routine that keeps me balanced. It’s also helpful to keep good people around me because a positive community of folks makes the difference as well.

Although my life is filled with goodness and purpose, I have to be honest and say I desire more, a partner, someone that I could share my most intimate thoughts and expressions with. When I was in my 20’s, I wanted nothing more than to physically express myself, but now, as I venture into my 40’s, I know that love is much more worthy than mere lust. One day, I hope I will add that and a family to the bountiful gifts, the almighty has blessed me with.

Until then, I strap on my gun, badge, and honor, and continue to protect and serve those in our community that need me the most.

Until Later, Namaste, Diary!


Image used with approval from Pexels.com.

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