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Dear Diary –

It’s been a while since I met a woman that thrills me from head to toe, but today wasn’t any typical day for me. Colin’s guidance counselor wanted to see me and Rod to discuss his summer program. I have to be honest and say I wasn’t too thrilled to be spending time in the counselor’s office. The whole thing reminded me too much of my school days, even though it’s been so long ago. Rod was also a little nervous about the appointment. We were both pretty notorious during our school days at Douglas High. But for Colin, I’d do anything, even go back to school.

Just when I thought the one hour meeting would be no frills, I saw her. She was so sexy in her designer couture and even with that frown on her face, I could tell she would be well worth the visit. But then things got a little heated, and I don’t mean completely with lust. The woman was a bit of prude if you asked me, and very judgmental when it came to so called diagnosing our issues. I thought this was a time to praise Colin for his work, not to tell us that we had been failing as parents and that Colin was in trouble. How could we have missed these signs, if that were true?

Rod and I felt pretty defeated after that meeting, and as much as I wanted to prove Evelyn Hargrove wrong, I couldn’t deny the truth in her words and the proof in her paperwork. I also couldn’t deny that my body was telling me this woman needed to be more than the savior for our dysfunctional family, but she also needed to provide some sexual healing to me, if I have anything to do about it.

Rod didn’t miss a beat. I know I’ll have some ‘splainin to do before the day’s over. In the meantime, I’ll just linger in my thoughts of the sexy guidance counselor and those gray eyes that promise much more than her words could ever say.


Image used with approval from Pexels.com.

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