Onyx Lee Publications is a small print press designed to share new lesbian voices with the LBTIQ and supporting communities.

Our Story

Onyx Lee Publications thrives on discovering new voices of women of color from the LGBTIQ community.

There is an enormous amount of talented creative women of color in the world, and through the power of the Internet their voices are being heard. Onyx Lee Publications desires to provide more opportunity for exposure for as many new voices as we can.

Although our current reach is small, our dedication is large to trailing a path of literary publication for those who want to share these stories with those who want to read them.

Our primary method for delivering this content is through online bookstores in both print and e-books, social media platforms through podcasts, posts, book trailers, and sneak peeks.  Our first publication will premiere July 12, 2019 with the release of our first new voice, Author Aunt Georgia Lee and her novel, “Hot for Teacher” under our Sapphic Silhouettes imprint.

So stay tuned for more updates and support our efforts in any way that you like. Spread the word, because your voices matter, and so do the new voices of Onyx Lee Publications.


Images used with approval from Pexels.com.


ONYX LEE PUBLICATIONS IS A SMALL PRINT PRESS – that is based in Alpharetta, Georgia and founded by a small but mighty group of creatives. 

Onyx Lee Publications
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