We can’t keep a secret! Even as a young child, our publisher and owner was never good at keeping secrets.

Luckily for her family and friends, she decided to use her gift for gab in a more alluring way. LOL! Sometimes it’s hard for people to believe how much of an introvert our founder really is, but her shyness is very real. When she gets to know you better is when the chitter chatter and fun begins. Just in case you’re not that lucky to catch her on one of her less introverted days, rest assured that the stories you will discover from OnyxLee Publications will help you know just what’s on her mind and heart.

Her journey into self-publishing actually began on Independence Day in 2002, when A Deeper Love by Shonia Brown, premiered under the Nghosi Books’ imprint.

Now 19 years later, she has taken her penchant for weaving sexy tales with a family focus at heart to help other black indigenous people of color  (BIPOC) share their voices through an anthology of 25 writers, as well as explore various topics, which include:

  • finding love and a new family even after emotional and physical abuse;
  • celebrating sexual freedom without being bound through  stereotypes; and
  • enjoying safe sex and healing the heart while being HIV positive.

These are just some of the many hot topics that OnyxLee Publications explores through novels and ebook series. As our family grows, so does our mission. Originally, when OnyxLee Publications premiered and replaced Nghosi Books, we focused on discovering new voices from BIPOC writers within the LBGTIQA+ community. As our publisher’s world views expand, so does our catalog. In 2022, we will premiere our first ebook series of mainstream African-American romance. Check out this post for a heads up on what’s to come!

Do you want to know more about who we are and what we have to offer? Good! Because we don’t want to bore you with a dissertation on just how wonderful we are. See for yourself, and check out the current and future catalog of stories that will be available to you from OnyxLee Publications. Enjoy this site, show some love to our authors, and keep coming back for more chitter chatter from our publisher.

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