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WALK LIKE A MAN, TALK LIKE A MAN, Because I want to be a real man. – Eugene is a southern gentleman with a talent for music and songwriting. When his Bible toting mother kicks him out of the only home that he has known for not being the girl that she gave birth to, Eugene takes the big leap and moves to California.


In San Francisco, Eugene along with his best friend from Atlanta, Jimmy, move in with his cousin, Mavis. There, his southern charm dazzles the ladies and gives him a taste of life outside of the racist South he grew up in. But are the people in the West not racist or just better at hiding their true feelings?

Unapologetically Eugene is a story set in a time of United States history when being Black was challenging enough, but add in identifying as the opposite of your birth sex was almost unheard of, and not safe. It is a story that addresses a part of our population that has been often overlooked, but exists, even during the 1950’s.

Eugene is, what we would classify today as a female to male (FTM) Unapologetically Eugene with drink
transgender man. In the ‘50’s, transgenders were considered as transvestites. Although he could not fully transition to the man he wanted to be, Eugene lived and loved as a man. Through his exploration of himself and those around him, Eugene is a person that came into his own and followed his true passion, music, unapologetically.

The OnyxLee publisher is a renaissance woman with the desire for continuous learning and the search for opportunities to be creative and share her interests with the world. She encourages you to take this journey with her!

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