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ROMANCE NOVEL AND EBOOK SERIES – OnyxLee Publications introduced the LGBTIQA+ community to a new storyteller, Aunt Georgia Lee with the debut novel, Hot for Teacher. Under this pen name, Shonia Brown returned to the literary scene with a renewed passion and mature voice. After penning this emotional family drama with a sexy twist, Aunt Georgia Lee continues to explore more family drama in the release of the first short story within the new erotic ebook series, Real Lesbians of Atlanta (RLOA). Although the ebook series shares the love and lives of a non-traditional family of good friends that have chosen each other as true family versus blood relatives, their stories are just as relatable to any birth family experiences. The series starts with a bang, literally, with Caught Up and Strapped Up – Book 1: From Top to Bottom.  The second short story continues the series with a good case of old fashion romance with Old School Lovin’ – Book 2: Black Don’t Crack available in the beginning of 2022.  The remaining short stories will be coming your way in 2022 and 2023. The following is a synopsis of Hot for Teacher and the short stories in the ebook series, Real Lesbians of Atlanta (RLOA).


The teacher’s pet is a role we have all played at one time, even if it were only in our dreams. The infatuation one has for a mature, authority figure in the form of a classroom teacher makes for the most seductive, forbidden fantasy.

What if the opportunity to experience a romance with your teacher could be more than legal, but perfectly acceptable?

Although Evelyn Hargrove is not Danielle Rivers’ teacher, she does have a lesson for this eager pupil to learn. Their relationship begins with a mutual desire to protect an innocent child, but soon it is their hearts they must guard.



“Sometimes I Feel Like a Top, Sometimes I Don’t.”

Whitney James is a 34-year old millennial who loves femme on femme action. Although she wears dresses well, Whitney also enjoys wearing the pants and the strap-on in her relationships. Caught up in a complicated relationship with a politician, the pussy is private because Congresswoman Mikael Rollins’s public life keeps her hiding in the closet.

When Whitney challenges her lover to be more open about their relationship, the congresswoman has her own challenge in mind. “Be my bottom bitch.”

Will Whitney allow her lover the permission to strap up and dominate her heart and her body?



“The older the woman, the sweeter the berry, ’cause black don’t crack.”

Yvette Leigh-Dixon never feared getting older. In fact, with a fit body like that of a much younger woman, she is proud to be turning 60 years old. After all, 60 is the new 50! What really terrifies her is stepping back into the dating scene after spending six years as a widow. Yvette had grown content with serving as the matriarch to her daughter in-law, Carolyn Ann Ross and granddaughter, Tamra Janelle Ross. But the memories of the 25 year old relationship that she cherished with her dearly departed wife, Althea Dixon, only reminds her of the longing, lust, and love Yvette continues to desire and need.

Luckily for Yvette, she has the support of her Generation Z granddaughter and a newly discovered friendship with a sassy, smart young woman to help her dip her toes into the water of online dating. And if she lets her guard down and puts her trust in these young crusaders of love, Yvette might dive right into the deep waters of dating in the prime of her life!

Will Yvette let go of her fears, and enjoy the journey through the different phases of reigniting love with new online experiences and a colorful array of different women?


“I Kissed a Girl, and I Liked It?”

Layla Joy is a Generation Z influencer with 500,000 followers on Instagram and 700,000 more on TikTok. As an aspiring actress, Layla has dreamed of nothing more since she was a little girl than becoming a famous Hollywood blockbuster diva! Well, if truth be told, she did dream of winning a major role in one young handsome stud’s life, but Layla wouldn’t dare confess that truth.

Most of Layla’s young life has been spent in the closet. As her generation gleefully expresses themselves through various labels and alphabets under the rainbow, Layla isn’t as willing to reveal her sexuality to the world, until now. When her agent crafts a juicy scheme to get Layla more followers and a chance at a significant role in a new Atlanta film, this young ingenue takes on her greatest role of all – pretending to be straight, but then pretending to be gay, but really straight. Wait, what!

Will Layla’s fear to reveal the truth of who she really is risk her losing more than a movie career, but the opportunity to make her dream come true and win the heart of her childhood now very much adult fantasy boi?


“It’s Better to Love Her than Deceive Her.”

Shantal Morgan is a charismatic and talented Atlanta filmmaker, who has built success at the box office, but also in her personal life with her wife, Carissa Morgan and their girl and boy twins. But after a breast cancer challenge, Shantal finds herself questioning her ten year old marriage with Carissa. Shantal’s remission and recovery has given her the strength and desire to rekindle the flames with her wife, who was extremely devoted during her illness. Now, their relationship feels more clinical than carnal. Shantal is struggling to find a way to get Carissa back to pleasing her instead of praying for her.

Is there another woman in Carissa’s life? Has the double mastectomy made Shantal less inviting to her wife? Whatever the reason, Shantal is determined to uncover the truth, no matter the cost.

Will Shantal and Carissa find their way back to a more intimate and sexually satisfying relationship after overcoming a serious health crisis and disruption to their norm?


“I Hate to See You Go, But I Love to Watch You Walk Away.”

Monica Kelly has often been referred to as “big boned,” “a lot to love,” and some not so pleasant references to her full-figured body. But none of these descriptions ever defined this strong, black woman with a smile that warms the heart, a laughter that brightens the soul, and a legal mind that makes her the perfect candidate for the next partner spot at her law firm. It’s not until she falls for Taylor Armstrong, a colleague at work, and battles with Nicole (Nic) Johnson, a neighbor in her condo community, does she question if her body is the right fit for a future love interest.

When Monica is invited on a date with the object of her desire, Taylor, she gets help picking the perfect red dress for the occasion by a good friend. But new found emotions are awakened at the touch from the strong hands of her contentious neighbor, Nic, who would rather help Monica unzip that sexy number instead of zip it up for Taylor’s pleasure.

Will Monica find real love in the arms of her sexy, intelligent colleague or in the teasing hands of her feisty, antagonistic neighbor?


“Your Strange Fruit Makes Me Want to Be a Better Woman.”

Mackenzie Gresham is a 20 year-old Generation Z, who enjoys life with a carefree nature, although life hasn’t alway been easy for the young woman. With the support of her chosen fam, Mack is surrounded by strong, black women from all age groups, and wants nothing more than to add to this circle, a lover of her own. As if it were perfectly scripted by her good friend and chosen  big sis, Shantal Morgan, and supported by an alluring soundtrack from her best friend and other chosen big sis, Whitney James, the lover she’s been waiting for walks into her life in the body of a snack like, Jazmine Carter.

Mack has been in love or lust before, but her feelings hit differently for Jazmine Carter. The woman is nothing like young Mack has ever seen before. But as they develop a more intimate relationship, Jazmine reveals a secret that has the potential to destroy Mack’s heart and trust forever.

Will Mack be able to love a deeper side of Jazmine once the truth is revealed, or will her closed minded prejudices prevent her from celebrating the freedom and fluidity of the Generation Z culture?

There’s also an additional titillating tale available from Aunt Georgia Lee as a fun treat during
the Halloween and fall season.


The appropriately titled short story, The Bad Girls, is an erotic Halloween tale of two lovers who are in for a treat of unmeasurable pleasures on Hallow’s Eve night. But is it real or just a dream? By the end of this story, readers will be thinking they’ve seen a ghost of their own; one that’s filled with carnal desires waiting to be satiated with sweet pussy nectar from the objects of their desires. Look out for a chance to get your very own copy this month!


“She knows how to treat a body good!”

Neyah West never imagined that her heart or body would open to another woman after her ex-wife, Alisha threatened to destroy her. But she also never imagined she’d meet a woman quite like former Airman First Class, Charlotte Ellis. A chance meeting at a networking event, where Neyah was in pursuit of a new recruit for her security firm and Charlotte in pursuit of a new career after retiring from the service, lands both women in the line of fire for a much more personal and less professional engagement.

After five years of celibacy, swearing off any future potential lovers, Neyah finds it difficult to protect her chastity from the handsome Charlotte Ellis with the hypnotic hazel eyes and a body that would charm the panties off of a saint! But Charlotte is no devil, quite the contrary, she just might be the balm needed to heal Neyah’s heart and body.

The OnyxLee publisher is a renaissance woman with the desire for continuous learning and the search for opportunities to be creative and share her interests with the world. She encourages you to take this journey with her!

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