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BOTTOMS UP EBOOK SERIES – OnyxLee Publications looks forward to introducing our new black gay male erotic writer, Jeremiah to our community. In 2022, Jeremiah will introduce our readers to the world of the handsome, sexy, smart tops and bottoms of his four book series, Bottoms Up. The following is a synopsis of each short story. Stay tuned for more sneak peaks into what’s to cum!


Quandray Woods is a man’s man, and Franklin Leroy Smith can attest to that! These two love birds are blissfully happy in their two-year old relationship. Well, that is until Franklin, affectionately known by Quandray as Pookie decides that things need to be shaken up a little bit.

Just as Quandray is enjoying himself, stroking Pookie’s perky little butt and sweet ass pussy with his nine-inches of man meat, Pookie decides that he wants to be the top in this relationship. Quandray’s top head understands his lover’s request, but that lower head is too preoccupied with an impending explosion as he strokes them both into a nut busting climax!

When the fucking is done, the feuding begins, as Pookie debates with Quandray over the importance of sharing the coveted top role with his normally more submissive bottom lover.  The thought of seeing himself as a bottom is difficult to conceive for Quandray, but the thought of losing Pookie just might make him switch positions.

Will Quandray and Franklin come to a compromise that will meet their deepest needs and sexual satisfaction?


Franklin Leroy Smith goes by many names depending on the relationship, but a bottom bitch is no longer an option when he decides to turn the tables on his top lover, Quandray Woods. As much as he loves the deep thrusts of his skillful lover, Franklin or Pookie as Quandray likes to call him, is tired of being taken for granted as the submissive in their relationship.

Franklin is not surprised that when he proposes to top Quandray, he receives the type of resistance felt when popping an ass cherry with a thick, long, piece of man meat. Not only did Quandray’s ass bud tighten up at the proposal, his lips were firmly clenched with a “Hell No!”

But Pookie has plans for his stubborn lover that will turn a Hell No into a Hell Fucking Yeah! He just needs to use the special persuasion that captured his man’s heart two years ago.

Will Franklin get Quandray’s ass to pucker up and get ready for the deep throat kiss that Pookie has in store for him?


Nigel Kingston is a dutiful son to his Jamaican born family who relocated to the States before he was born. After his hard working father, Samuel suffers a stroke, Nigel takes on the role of  manager and head chef of the popular Jamaican Me Come restaurant near the Atlanta BeltLine. Although the youngest of three children, Nigel has always been seen by his entire family as the leader of the bunch. He is the epitome of a strong leader and superhero for his family, friends, and lover. Although his family is aware of Nigel’s sexuality and even accepts his partner as his special friend, he feels more secure in identifying himself as the top in his relationship.

Now, his lover, published author and English literature professor, Craig T. Watson, is the only person in Nigel’s life who challenges him to think outside of this masculine box and embrace a less restrictive role in their relationship. Nigel wouldn’t admit it to Craig verbally, but there have been times that physically, he’s allowed his effeminate lover a little more freedom in the bedroom.

But when Craig shares his next assignment for his Cultural and Literature college students on Homoerotic Friendships in Literature from the 19th Century to Today, with Nigel, the conversation opens up a deeper discussion between the two lovers regarding masculinity, S&M, and Craig’s desire to make Nigel his submissive!

Will Nigel open his mind and body to the private lesson that his professor wants to teach him?


Professor Craig T. Watson is a literature rockstar on the campus of Georgia State University. As a popular author and speaker regarding homoeroticism in literature, the professor keeps both men and women engaged in his provocative discourse.

Now, if he can just persuade his lover, Nigel Kingston, a tall, dark, sweet chocolate king of men to bend the knee to his wishes. Craig knows that this will be a Herculean effort to get his masculine lover to consider a less dominant role, but the thought of Nigel being his love slave whets his appetite and gets his dick hard.

His latest course on Homoerotic Friendships in Literature from the 19th Century to Today is the perfect discourse and foreplay with Nigel to get his Jamaican king’s ass up, and his dick at high tide.

Will Craig be able to teach this reluctant student the lesson that Nigel desperately needs to learn?

The OnyxLee publisher is a renaissance woman with the desire for continuous learning and the search for opportunities to be creative and share her interests with the world. She encourages you to take this journey with her!

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