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Interview with The Fandomentals

As you know, I’m always on the hunt for good books, especially if they’re written by and about folks from marginalized communities. That’s what this interview series is about: highlighting independent content creators from the margins, be they authors, publishers, or artists. A brand-new publishing house, Onyx Lee Publications focuses on publishing the stories of LGBTQ+ women of color. Its first novel, Hot for Teacher, is “a tale of passion play, family drama, intrigue, and lustful intentions.” I sat down with Onyx Lee’s head of publishing, Shonia Brown, to talk about the company, her work, and the representation of queer women of color.

Gretchen: So, how did Onyx Lee Publications come to be?

Shonia Brown: Onyx Lee Publications is actually dedicated to my previous 16-year-old Maltese whose name was Onyx Lee. He was very close to my heart and so is this small print press. Previously, it was known as Nghosi Books. I started Nghosi Books in 2002, when I published my first novel A Deeper Love. After setting aside that small print press 11 years ago, I have decided that I want to return to the publishing industry. There’s such a shortage in the LGBTQ+ community—well I shouldn’t say shortage. There’s not a massive quantity of content for African American women or other women of color in the LGBTQ+ community. I wanted to make sure that I continued to support and add to that presence in our community as far as literature is concerned. So, that’s how Onyx Lee Publications got its name and why I started the publishing company this year.

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Book Review by Sistahs on the Shelf

Parent-teacher conferences will never look the same after reading HOT FOR TEACHER by Aunt Georgia Lee. This novel explores the attraction between teacher-turned-guidance counselor Evelyn Hargrove and guardian Danielle Rivers as they attempt to maintain a professional relationship. While their priority is Danielle’s 14-year-old nephew Colin, there is no denying that the ladies appreciate what they see at their initial meeting to address issues with the child she co-parents with best friend, Rod.

Once a high-achieving student, Colin now appears to be having performance and disciplinarian issues; his adoption by Danielle two years ago at the request of her sister is a sensitive issue and comes into play when Danielle and Rod step into Ms. Hargrove’s office. They come up with a plan to help Colin that involves additional counseling sessions and enrollment in a summer program to provide direction and support for this vulnerable young boy harboring a secret.

At first, it’s all business, by the book and last names only. From there, each meeting and phone call finds Evelyn and Danielle simultaneously acknowledging and dismissing their feelings, and the slow-burn dance begins.

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