Roderick Clousseau

Best Boyfriend. Roderick Clousseau, 36 years old, best friend to Dani, and protector of hearts.

Roderick Clousseau is all the man that Dani needs. He’s been her best boy friend since high school, and he is her best man in life. Rod didn’t hesitate to become co-parent to Colin Rivers. He has always considered Danielle and Michelle family. It was also no surprise to those who know them when they became roommates. Even now as they navigate through their own intimate relationships with others, Rod is loyal to Dani and is always there when she needs him.

When Evelyn Hargrove entered their lives, Rod never thought that the guidance counselor would lead him to a budding relationship with Officer John Goode. Like milk, the strong police officer does a body good without the lactose intolerant side effects! He is the best boy friend and partner in crime for Danielle Rivers.

Meet Officer John Goode

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