Tori Jackson

Best Girlfriend. Tori Jackson, 36 years old, best friend of Evelyn Hargrove, and hopeless romantic.

Tori Jackson is a woman who loves her mama, Helen Jackson, best friend, Evie Eve a.k.a Evelyn Hargrove, house music, and women in that order. Ever since childhood, Tori and Eve have been best friends. When Eve’s mother was murdered, it was Tori’s mother that came to the rescue and adopted the heart broken child. Together as best friends and sisters, Tori and Eve were inseparable and remain the same.

Although their personalities are polar opposite, Tori is the comic relief that the very serious and brooding guidance counselor needs. Eve’s sense and sensibility is always just what Tori needs to keep the free-spirited from the poor house and love’s hangover. But it is Tori who must help Eve deal with her real feelings for Danielle Rivers before she loses the opportunity of her lifetime. She is the best girl friend and voice of reason for Evelyn Hargrove.

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