Colin Rivers

The Secretive Nephew. Colin Rivers, 14 years old, Abraham Lincoln Middle School student with a secret to keep.

Colin is the unknown superhero of Abraham Lincoln Middle School a.k.a Able Abe. Although his teachers including his guidance counselor are concerned about the young boy’s most recent behavior and academic deficiencies, looks can be deceiving. Colin has a plan that he can’t share with anyone including his family. But the more he keeps his eyes on the prize, the more the people in his life try to interfere with his mission, especially the guidance counselor.

Ever since his mother left him with his aunt and her best friend, Colin has worried about being a burden to Dani and Rod. Now, they are spending even more time and energy on trying to help him because of Ms. Hargrove. He believes the guidance counselor when she says she wants to help him despite his desire to be strong and independent. The longer Ms. Hargrove spends time with his family, Colin finds himself needing her just as much as Dani does. He is the secretive nephew who wears the mask to protect his family.

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