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Don’t wake me, I’m dreaming… The mind is a powerful ally or adversary, it all depends on how  you choose to use it. The creative authors of OnyxLee Publications allow their minds to take them on journeys that are inspiring, unforgettable, and addictive. We guarantee you that once you choose one of their destinations, you will keep coming back for tantalizing mind trips.

But what gets their juices flowing, their appetites hungry, and their fingers tapping out their next tantalizing tale of longing, lust, and love? Different strokes for different writers, is what you’ll find in this section of our website. Some writers are inspired by people, places, or things, but whatever their muse is, inquiry minds want to know.

Each month, we will spotlight an author or two in this section. So, check out the first spotlight on what kept Aunt Georgia Lee up at night, obsessed with completing her debut novel, Hot for Teacher. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the tale of her journey towards creating the memorable, sexy, strong, and lovable characters of Evelyn (Eve) Hargrove and Danielle (Dani) Rivers.

Meet the Real Evelyn Hargrove

When hot, young, Jennifer Beals premiered in Flashdance back in 1983, she had me with that beautiful sweet smile and sexy bedroom eyes. I admit, I was what the Gen Z’s call a stan back then and even now. Hi, my name is Aunt Georgia Lee, and I’m a stalker fan of Jennifer Beals. LOL!  No, but on a serious note, it wasn’t until January 18, 2004, when The L Word first premiered did I develop a serious crush on Jennifer Beals in her role as Bette Porter. Perhaps, my infatuation was more for the sexy, passionate, and hopelessly female version of a womanizer, Bette. Either way, she was my fantasy girl for many years, and when the opportunity arose to pay homage to her sexy swagger in one of my characters, Evelyn (Eve) Hargrove was definitely my first choice.

Although I don’t have the type of connections that would allow me into Ms. Beals’ social circle, I’m still happy to have her an inspiration for my characters, as well as models for stock images to also lend a visual to the characters without copyright infringements. LOL!

Bette and Eve have the sexy sophistication and swagger that makes a woman want to drop her draws at the sound of their voice sprouting prose or poetry! They are just so damn tempting with their sharp tongues and fantastic fingers, they can stroke me into submission anytime!

Meet the Real Danielle Rivers

The end of 1999 and the beginning of the 2000’s brought the joy of this sexy creamy sistah, Sanaa Lathan into my fantasies starting with The Best Man, and a series of other black romantic comedies. But if that wasn’t enough, her stint on Ryan Murphy’s Nip/Tuck in 2006, as Michelle Landau was one of the most memorable performances that I’ve witnessed this actress portray. She was a true femme fatale, and a temptress I’d never forget. So, when I thought of a strong, sexy, black woman that could thaw the frosty demeanor of Eve Hargrove and make the woman beg for more, there was no doubt that Sanaa Lathan would be the inspiration for the character of Danielle (Dani) Rivers!

Although I have a personal affinity for the chocolate, dark-skinned melanin women, the personalities of Jennifer Beals and Sanaa Lathan were the perfect pairing for the two characters in Hot for Teacher.

However, when creating promotional trailers and other advertisement for the characters, I was happy to discover inspiration from two other talented models, one in particular that possessed the darker hue that I so enjoy! I also discovered additional models as inspiration for other characters in the novel.

Check out the character photos and bios.

The OnyxLee publisher is a renaissance woman with the desire for continuous learning and the search for opportunities to be creative and share her interests with the world. She encourages you to take this journey with her!

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