Onyx Lee Publications Presents

Hot for Teacher

New lesbian voice, Aunt Georgia Lee and her first novel “Hot for Teacher” already have fans at Fandomentals! Check out the interview with Onyx Lee Publications managing publisher at the Creator Corner on Fandomentals.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Can we pretend? Characters are my family and friends. Stories are what could have been or what should have been. –  Aunt Georgia Lee 

Book Synopsis

The Teacher’s Pet is a role that we have all played at one time, even if it were only in our dreams. The infatuation one has for a mature authority figure in the form of a classroom teacher makes for the most seductive, forbidden fantasy.

What if the opportunity to experience a romance with your teacher could be more than legal, but perfectly acceptable?

Although Evelyn Hargrove is not Danielle Rivers’  teacher, she does have a lesson for this eager pupil to learn. Their relationship begins with a mutual desire to protect an innocent child, but soon it is their hearts that they must guard.

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